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Providing systems and strategies for your success.

Experienced & Results Driven

We have a passion for organizational development, team building, and supporting heart-centered, mission based companies in reaching their goals. Our most recent accomplishments include serving as Chief Operating and Chief Marketing Officers for a social innovation company; growing their team from a staff of one to six, increasing revenue from $15K to $300K in just under 2 years, growing audience engagement by 150% and leading customers through a seamless buying decision process by incorporating automated sales funnels.

I asked Dana to take what was in my brain and formulate it into well composed bios, and explanations of services. In addition, she helped streamline the logistics for the website production. She “got” me. Dana knows what you need before you can think of it!

Holly Strelzik

A Few Perks of Working With Us

Stress Relief

Let us worry about the pesky details while you work in the areas of your business that bring you joy.

Energize Your Audience

Ignite or re-ignite the spark that caused your fans to fall in love with your brand in the first place.

Relax & Refocus

No longer worry about leads slipping through the cracks or balls being dropped due to faulty or non-existent systems.

Remain True to You

Let’s create a business and brand that is a reflection of you and that does not sacrifice your professionalism or values.

Heart-Centered Collaboration

Discover the magic that happens when 3 purpose and passion driven entrepreneurs work together. 

Building A Solid Foundation

If you want to go fast; go alone but if you want to go far our strategic planning, visionary leadership skills and well organized approach can get you there.

Select a Plan That Works Best For Your Needs

We can customize any of the following packages to fit your business needs. 

What People Are Saying

Having Quandra as my web designer was a great experience.  As a new business owner who wanted a strong presence that aligned to my brand and core values, Quandra and her team delivered!
Martina Coates-Nance

Founder, Clarity Coaching

Dana is able to get to the heart of a business concern and help be strategic in coming up with a solution that works for you and your business.


Lovelee Arts Studio

Quandra’s wide variety of skills and services, including graphic design, web development and maintenance, automated email distribution, add to her social media expertise to make her indispensable to the thinkLaw team. 

Colin Seale

Founder, thinkLaw

More About Our Starter Package

Our Starter Package is great for you if you are a brand new entrepreneur. You probably have an idea of what business you want to start but you are overwhelmed with all the details and tasks that need to be completed before you can launch a successful business with a strong brand and strategic marketing in place. 

More About Our Professional Package

Our Professional Package is great for you if you already have a business and know what you want to do. You have strong ideas around your mission and vision but need help clarifying and implementing systems and structures to make money.

More About Our Premier Package

Our Professional Package is great for you if you need more administrative/virtual assistance help as well as a comprehensive, 3 month marketing campaign to boost sales and traffic. During our partnership we will also assist you in strengthening your brand’s visual message via your website, social and email marketing channels.

Meet Our Team

Dana Moore

Dana Moore

Business Development Specialist

My personal mission is to inspire others to pursue their greatest success in the world. Being able to ground visionary leaders, mapping out and flawlessly executing action plans is joyful bonus! I always welcome an inquisitive creator and offer words of encouragement on the journey.

Quandra Adams

Quandra Adams

Integrated Marketing Specialist

I love taking complex ideas and turning them into user-friendly visuals to continuously improve a company’s brand. The only other thing I love more than design is creating automated and integrated sales funnels that keep fans engaged and ready to make buying decisions- sooner rather than later. 

Where are you in your entrepreneurship journey?

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